Notetaking Tools


Offline with Web Support


  • Roam
  • Notable
  • org-mode
  • vim-org
  • Trilium
  • Logseq, note taking web based local only and GitHub-hosted
  • Typora, a nicely polished Markdown editor–has the best support for math input I've seen
  • Obsidian, a split-pane Markdown editor focused on bidirectional linking
  • Zettlr a Markdown editor focused on publishing / academics
  • RemNote converts your notes into spaced-repetition flash cards, similar to Anki
  • foambubble, a family of VS Code extensions to help search + organize your notes
  • Neuron Notes a neat Zettelkasten system written in Haskell, based on GitHub repos
  • R Studio includes an awesome Markdown publishing experience, similar to Jupyter Notebooks
  • (coming soon) Athens Research, an open-source alternative to Roam
  • (coming soon, made by me) Noteworthy, which aims to be an extensible, open-source alternative to Obsidian and Typora, with a focus on wikilinks and excellent math support
  • Dendron, a hierarchical note-taking editor based on VS Code
  • kb, a minimal text-oriented command-line note manager
  • Notebag a minimal Markdown app with tag support
  • Joplin, multiplatform (mobile, PC, terminal) has more features than practically every other note-taking app out there.
  • Notion
  • Brick
  • novelWriter–A markdown-like editor for writing novels ideal for novel
  • Manuskript–Open-source tool for writers ideal for novel


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