PHM in Motor

Fault Detection in Motor Dataset

Topik Skripsi

  • Digital Model of BLDC Motor

Motor Simulator

Physics Simulation


  • Matplotlib is very slow given the amount of data I try to display.
  • Modern Browser-based solutions like Bokeh are likely to have similar limitations and are more meant for 2D data only
  • Several libraries based on OpenGL are missing some step-by-step tutorials, have sparse docs, or are deprecated.
  • There are still solutions like PyQtGraph, Vispy or Mayavi that I could try (What is the best to begin with for the described purpose?)
  • Pure PyOpenGL solution will be lacking all the goodies of simple plotting capabilities. But I could write them myself, potentially.
  • Library like Open3D could be nice but it the way it handles data transformation makes it infeasible for my use case.
  • ROS/Rviz or other well-known robotics tools.
  • pygame for 2d animations.
  • panda3d for 3d animations.

Discrete Event Simulation

Data Streaming



Digital Twin