Audio and Music Tools

Audio and music processing tools.

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AI Apps for Audio

AI Music Separation

AI Music Recognition

Audio Creation

Audio and Music Programming

AI Audio and Music Generator

Audio and Music Creation and Sharing

  • Beepbox : BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies.
  • Jummbox : Jummbox is Beepbox modification (online tool for sketching and sharing chip tune melodies).

WASM Audio Processing

Audio Player

Online Audio Player

Peer to Peer Audio

Audio Editor

Desktop Audio Editor

Online Audio Editor

Other Audio Tools

Working with Virtual Audio Tools

Audio Recording - Transcription


  • We cannot listen the audio output from playback apps

VAC Audio Recording

Use cases:

  • Record Zoom Webinar to Speechtexter, Google Docs etc.

Audio Input Mixing

Audio Input Mixing

Use cases:

Audio Output Mixing

Audio Output Mixing


Use cases:

  • Transcribe (and listen) Zoom Seminar to Speaker and Speechtexter, Google Docs
  • Translate Youtube Video using Google Translate

Zoom Audio Recording/Transcription

Zoom Recording Transcription

Google Meet Audio Transcription

But we cannot do both Speechtexter and Google Docs
We cannot do both Speechtexter and Voice Note
We can do both Google Meet and Speechtexter/VoiceNote/Dictanote
We can do both Zoom and Speechtexter/VoiceNote/Dictanote

Audio Editor

Music Processing

Music Learning