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SASPlanet at SASGIS SASPlanet FAQ SASPlanet unable to load map or here The most needed links:
1) Program (latest official release, test builds and archive of previous versions):
Attention! Servers with maps can be updated after the release, so the maps are strongly recommended to update anyway!
2) Nightly build, separate from archive versions:
3) Program - all releases, beta versions and nightly builds (mirror): sas_team / sas.planet.bin / downloads
4) NEW merged map set: Very short instruction:
1) unpack the program somewhere, for example, c: \ SASPlanet, but not in c: \ Program Files and not in c: \ Program Files (x86)
2) unpack the maps into the Maps directory (since they are newer than in the archive with the program). You should get SASPlanet \ Maps \ sas.maps \ and SASPlanet \ Maps \ plus.maps \.