2022 June

Pomodoro Apps

Graph Drawing


PC - Android Connection

  • KDE Connect by KDE:
    • Android to PC:
      • Send files
      • Send clipboard
      • Slideshow remote
      • Multimedia control
      • Remote input (as wireless mouse)
      • Run (Windows) command
      • Notification Sync
      • Telephony Notifier (call)
    • PC to Android:
      • Send SMS
      • Media Player Control
      • Remote keypresses from keyboard (as wireless keyboard to Android)
      • Mouse receiver (as mouse for Android)
      • Run (Windows) command
      • Find device
      • Send files
    • Cons:
      • should be in same local networks
      • bug in find phone
  • Join by JoaoApps:
    • Android to PC:
      • Send note
      • Locate
      • Send files
      • Send local app
      • Speak
      • Send Notiications
      • Notification Sync
      • Telephony Notifier (call)
    • PC to Android:
      • Send SMS
      • Send tab
      • Paste clipboard
      • Send file
      • Take screenshoot
      • Toggle screen capture
      • Locate device
      • Ring device
      • Open app
      • Speak text
      • Note to self
      • Make phone call
    • Cons:
  • Your Phone (Linked Phone, Link to Windows) by Microsoft:
    • Android to PC:
    • PC to Android:
      • Send SMS
      • Read photos
    • Cons:
      • limited features

Browser Benchmark

On-URL Website

News Feed


  • [Home Userscript.Zone](https://www.userscript.zone/)

Interview Tips

Reinfocement Learning Course


Deepfake Desktop



Domain Name

Digital Well Being

  • Remove all notifications from non-message & calendar apps. Disable all notifications except for the calendar and clock. Disable notifications.
  • Move all non-essential apps off of the front page (perhaps even off of a "page" entirely).
  • Condition everyone around you that you might not reply messages in time
  • Get another device without ANY distraction what so ever. Having a dedicated device for our priority and minimizing adding more stuff to it.
  • Delete every recreational app on your phone. Also delete anything that gamifies passive consumption.
  • Do not open your web browser unless you have a specific search query in mind.
  • Treat your phone as if it had no online connectivity. When you open the phone, use it to organize your notes and structure your thinking. Begin thinking of it as an extension of your brain instead of a bottomless anti-boredom device. As a thought experiment, imagine you had a smart phone without internet access
  • Put some ebooks on your phone and read those. Stop mentally associating the phone with the infinite novelty generated by algorithmic social feeds.
  • Get rid of all the apps where you consume content, except for maybe an eBook reading app. Fill your devices only with apps that allow you to create content. Don't even worry about sharing the content. Just get apps that let you create. Photography, video, code, drawing, writing, music, whatever.
  • Finding alternatives to screens is probably a good start. You don't need to toss your phone, just put it farther away from you. Have books/magazines/newspapers with easy access as an alternative. Legos/brain teasers/puzzles/rubix cubes, etc are also great.
  • Get rid of the social media apps. You don't need them. You're lying to yourself if you think that you do. Nobody is going to miss your Instagram or Facebook posts. TikTok is a stupid waste of time.
  • Instead, fill your home screen with apps with positive goals.
  • The answer is simple: Stop using smartphone except for explicit reasons. If I want to dick around with tech - I'll use my desktop/laptop.

Jekyll Theme

Thinking Strategy






  • [Explore over 16 million colors Colorwaze](https://colorwaze.com/)

Free Random Image

![Random Picsum Image](https://picsum.photos/200/200) ![Random Unsplash Cat](https://source.unsplash.com/200x200/?cat) ![Random Loremflickr Cat](https://loremflickr.com/200/200/cat)

Geometric Algebra

MS Word Add In

  • draw.io Diagrams
  • Power Thesaurus
  • Symbols and Characters
  • WriteBetter
  • Keenious Research
  • QuillBot
  • Translator
  • Writefull
  • Pexels
  • Smart Tagger
  • Wikipedia


Landuse Landcover




Alternative Storage

  • pCloud Free: 10GB
  • box Free: 10GB, Features: Webdav
  • Koofr Free: 10GB, Features: Webdav

What a random web

Kuliah Karyawan - Universitas Krisnadwipayana Jakarta Kuliah Kelas Karyawan Online | Komunitas Pendidikan Tinggi Downloads - www.downloads.web.id

Temporary Mail

  • [DuckDuckGo Email Frequently asked questions](https://duckduckgo.com/email/faq)
  • [(5) hello@minimail.eu.org MiniMail - Free Disposable Email Address](https://minimail.eu.org/hello@minimail.eu.org)

Screen Capture

PicPick - All-in-one Graphic Design, Best Screen Capture Software, Image Editor, Color Picker, Pixel Ruler and More

Glossary Web Page

Glossary Page Template

Domain Check Tools

  • Domfetch
  • [Expired Domains Daily Updated Domain Lists for 493 TLDs](https://www.expireddomains.net/)

Generative Arts

Open Food Data

Web Annotation