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Critic to Higher Education

  • [I found that college fails to live up to being "The Great Equalizer" Hacker News](

PhD Management

  • Advisor should express his expectations for student finishing and tailoring those expectations to student career goals clear up front
  • Each time, make evaluation of those expectations
  • Create a expectation document, for example, it will contain target like:
    • 1 journal paper as the first author, so that they learn how that process (often is a review or perspective paper on their field, which goes in their dissertation)
    • 2 first author papers in top-tier machine learning venues (goes in dissertation)
    • 1 first author paper in a top-tier or second tier venue (goes in dissertation)
    • 1 collaborative paper with another PhD student (have to learn how to collaborate)
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  • Lessons from my PhD - Austin Z. Henley
  • 10 reasons Ph.D. students fail