Netlify Status

This folder contains my monthly notes for everything I found and thought. They will be messed notes since my approach is just write. So they are just like semi-zettelkasten or even just bookmark handlers. Sometimes I will write in English, in the other times it will in Indonesian.

The notes in the blog work as a starting point to more deep and through notes in another folder. The workflow will be looked like this:

  1. Write everything captured to monthly blog file or to specific related file, if it is available.
  2. Expand some interesting snippets in a monthly file or bookmarks into article in [note] or [artikel] folder.
  3. The notes in [note] or [artikel] folder will be thinking notes, reflecting my thinking.
  4. Move some interesting links or bookmarks in a monthly file in [blog] folder into respective category folders such as [app], [book], [course], [research] folder, etc.
  5. The notes in category folders will link-heavy notes (list of links with little explanation).
  6. Expand interesting articles in the [note] or [artikel] folder into a tutorial or a book in their respective project-style folders, for examples: [markdown], [pvsystems], etc.
  7. The notes in project-style folders will content-heavy notes (descriptive notes supported with citations (links)).